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February 19, 2010Posted by Someone


If you ever before had an unexpected loss of retinitis, priapism or vision pigmentosa you could not be able to take Sildenafil due to the fact that the chance of certain significant negative side effects.

Let your doctor know if you obtain any type of substantial negative effects of Female Viagra, such as rash, lightheadedness, beclouded eyesight, dizziness, lack of breath, supplanting ears, unexpected serious loss of vision, breast pain, itching or burning during peeing, loss of hearing, or fainting.

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January 20, 2010Posted by Someone


Sildenafil is not planned for breastfeeding or expectant females and can not be taken by females as a whole.

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January 10, 2010Posted by Someone


Simultaneous usage might induce a reduction in blood stress and lead to a cardiovascular disease.