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If you are allergic to any of its components, do not start taking this medication.

Inform your physician concerning any conditions you have or drugs you are using, as that might influence the amount of Sildenafil you are prescribed or require extra examinations to set up the safety of utilizing this medicine.

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Nonetheless, if you have such health care conditions as retinitis pigmentosa, bodily defect of the penis, coronary canal condition, blood cell ailment, liver illness, renal condition, hemorrhaging disorder, reduced blood pressure, heart rhythm issues, hypertension or tummy ulcer, your doctor might reconsider the initial amount and might have to adjust it in order for your treatment to go as prepared and not be affected by any of your health issues.

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The decrease of blood flow to the optic nerve is a hardly ever stated negative effects which could or might not be connecteded to taking Sildenafil.

“Viagra Soft must never be incorporated with nitrate drugs for breast pain, as communications can be quite hazardous.”